Apprentice Management System

RPL Calculator INCLUDED in our FREE Standard Subscription.

Comply with the August 2022 eSFA funding regulations, easily monitor your apprentices and make huge cost savings.

Affordable Apprentice Management System.

ARODS is an entirely new AI-powered affordable apprenticeship Training Provider System. ARODS will help you and your management team see, think, and act clearly and also help you close the gap between strategy and execution to have the best run business possible.

ARODS is the ONLY AI-powered affordable Apprentice Management System with a built-in RPL calculator and a FREE standard subscription plan. The Platinum plan is low-cost and will enable you to quickly satisfy the eSFA Funding requirements.  Both plans include the following modules;

a) Processing apprenticeship applications

b) Processing PRLs 

c) Recording off-the-job training 

d) Creating course schedules 

e) Organising and completing 3-way Progress Reviews 

f) Managing assignments and evidence-gathering

g) Preparing evidence for EPA

The ARODS training provider solution provides the tools to monitor your team and identify problem areas quickly. Reduce administration efforts and ensure the Education and Skills Funding Agency (eSFA & Ofsted) compliance with ease.

Less administration means more time to deliver quality apprenticeship standards training and support, resulting in increased timely completion, happy customers, and more business!

NOTE: Free subscribers must display a link to the ARODS website on their website. We think it’s a fair request. Don’t you?

Manage Apprentices With Ease

Apprentice Applications

The apprentice’s journey starts with an application.  ARODS makes this process simple and easy to use.

Our application form covers all of the statutory requirements.  The Learner can complete the form online directly on your website or you can email them a link.

This is a completely paperless system and your onboarding team will be notified instantly of new applications.


Recognition of Prior Learning

Competitors charge ridiculous fees to use their RPL system.  RPL is built into the ARODS system and you can use it completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Design your own RPL forms and have Learners complete them online.  The entire system is paperless and automated.

On receiving the form your onboarding team can instantly identify non-viable applications or where discounts need to be applied.


A completely paperless system.  Students record their OTJT hours online.  ARODS early warning system automatically notifies you that OTJT targets are not met.


Progress Reviews

Schedule one or recurring progress reviews in an instant.  Book progress reviews in advance.  Employers, tutors and students input.  Ask the right questions and make sure you are eSFA and OFSTED compliant.



Create dynamic assignments to capture evidence and assign them to your students. Monitor progress and keep a journal of all messages and feedback ready for OFSTED audit.


Course Schedules

Need to create a 10-week course?  No problem!  Create one and allocate it to your cohorts in a few minutes.  With a built-in attendance register, we have you covered all the way!


Manager Control

Real-time displays mean Centre Managers can monitor the progress of all your tutors and apprentices and instantly identify underperforming areas of the delivery process. 

No more waiting for weekly or monthly reports.  Everything you need to manage all of your delivery processes in one place.


Simplify Your Apprentice Management System Solution

ARODS Apprenticeship Management System & Software Solution is Training Provider Software You Must Check Out!

Apprentice Management System

Designed by RoATP experienced developers, ready for your workflow

Real-time Monitoring

ARODS is designed with 'Best Practice' solutions. The ones recommended by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and Ofsted. If a feature is available, you can be sure you will use it. View the performance of your entire apprenticeship delivery process on one screen. Then drill down on the areas that need your attention to find what and who is causing issues.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Everything is web-enabled and accessible by everyone in your team instantly and from anywhere. ARODS works on your PC, Mobile Device, iOS, Android, Windows, Unix or ANY web Browser. Store Apprenticeship Standards Evidence on any web-enabled platform you like. Youtube, Dropbox, iCloud, Googles Drive and lots more!

Simple To Use & Implement

Explicitly designed to reduce administration effort, ARODS keeps things simple. Make the process of capturing evidence to meet apprenticeship standards a breeze. ARODS is an easy-to-learn user interface that concentrates on making the delivery process as easy as possible.

Save Money

You can make huge savings on your existing spending. Ask about our 'new customer' special offers. The reduced administrative effort, travel, printing, and increased information exchange all significantly save time and money.

Apprentice Management System

Guaranteed Saving on Your Current Costs *

Choose your plan

  • Learner Records
  • Learner Applications
  • Off-the-job-training
  • 3-way Progress Reviews
  • Evidence Assignments
  • Evidence Web Links
  • Upload Evidence Files
  • Learner RPL Submissions
  • Create RPLs Forms
  • Process RPLs
  • Ainsley AI Integration
  • Apprenticeship Standards Integration
  • Mass Messaging
  • Internal/External Messaging
  • Staff Registrations
  • Learner Resouces
  • Employer Registrations
  • Dashboard
  • Create Course Schedules
  • Learner Application Integration
  • Learner RPL Integration
  • eSFA August 2022 Compliant
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Multi-platform Access
  • Enhanced Security & Data Protections
  • Website Link to ARODS


  • Unlimited (hover here)
    Unlimited Learner registrations for 6 months. Therafter, upto 50 Free Total registrations. Upgrade to the PLATINUM subscription to increase this number. Offer & Terms subject to change.
  • 100 (hover here)
    Process up to 100 RPLs completely free each subscription year. Upgrade to the PLATINUM subscription to process more. Offer & Terms subject to change.
  • Unlimited
  • 4 (hover here)
    1 x Centre Manager & 1 x Onboarding & 2 x Tutors. Upgrade to PLATINUM subscription to register unlimited users. Offer & Terms subject to change.
  • Unlimited
  • All Modules
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    To continue using the free subcription, you must add a link to on your website. We will provide the logo and url.


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    Tell us how many Learners you want to register each subscription year and we will set a fee specifically for you.
  • Fair Usage (Hover Here)
    As a rough guide you can process double the number of RPL forms as the number of Learners you have signed up for. Contact us if you need an increased RPL forms quota for your subscription.
  • Unlimited
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  • Unlimited
  • All Modules
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    Add a link to the ARODS website and spread the word. Increasing subscribers will enable us to maintain our competitive pricing.

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