The eSFA & OFSTED 'compliant' Apprenticeship Management System

Simplify The Apprenticeship Delivery Process

Plan, track, and collaborate with employers and apprentices.

ARODS is a powerful, cost effective and completely new approach to managing the end-to-end delivery of the apprenticeship process. 

ARODS provides you with the tools you need to easily monitor your team, reduce administration effort and ensure eSFA and OFSTED compliance.

Less administration means more time to deliver quality training and support.  Resulting in more timely completions and more business!

ARODS support your tutors, assessors, mentors and administration team.  ARODS can integrate seamlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, ProSolutions or any legacy system you may be using.

The Simple Way To Get Work Done

Designed by RoATP experienced developers, ready for your workflows, your goals, and your team.


The apprentice's journey starts with an application.  ARODS makes this process simple and easy to use.

Recognition of Prior Learning

This new mandatory eSFA requirement is built into the ARODS system. 

Off the job training

Students record their OTJT hours.  ARODS early warning system automatically notify you OTJT targets are not met.

Off The Job Training

Progress Reviews

Schedule one or recurring progress reviews in an instant.  Book progress reviews in advance.  Employers, tutors and students input.  Ask the right questions and make sure you are eSFA and OFSTED compliant

Progress Reviews


Create dynamic assignments to capture evidence and assign them to your students. Monitor progress and keep a journal of all messages and feedback ready for OFSTED audit.


Course Schedules

Need to create a 10-week course?  No problem!  Create one and allocate it to your cohorts in a few minutes.  With a built-in attendance register, we have you covered all the way!

Course Schedules

Manager Control

Managing a team?  We have that covered too.  The Centre Manager profile enables you to monitor the progress of all your tutors and apprentices.  The dashboard will display any under performing area of the delivery process. 


Arods Dashboard

Organise your apprenticeship delivery

We have gone to great lengths to ensure our designers do not clutter ARODS with lots of gimmicky features. If a feature is available, you can be sure you will be using it.


View your entire delivery process on one screen.  Then drill down on the areas that need your attention to find what, and who is causing issues.

Simple To Use & Implement

Designed specifically to reduce administration effort, ARODS keeps things simple. An easy-to-learn user interface that concentrates on making the delivery process as easy as possible.

Collaborate seamlessly

Everything is web-enabled and accessible by everyone in your team in an instant.

Save Money

You can make huge savings on your existing spend. Ask about our 'new customer' special offers. Reduced administrative effort, travel, printing and increased information exchange all add up to a huge saving in time and money.

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Carol Miller Awesome Application!

"We implemented Arods in less than a week and it works with our LMS and IT systems without any problem at all."

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Anthony Jensen So Simple and Easy to Use

I have used all the leading portfolio systems and can honestly say Arods is by far the easiest to use. You wont need weeks training course to find out how to use it and your staff wont need a IT experts!

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Emily Castro Manage Apprentices with Ease

All I need was something to help me manage progress reviews, Off the job Training hours and evidence gathering assignments. Arods is perfect!

Full Access For All

Guaranteed 40% Saving on Your Current Costs *


1-Year Plan Per Learner
  • Unlimited Staff Seats
  • Unlimited Employer Seats
  • Apprentice Applications
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Off-the-job-training
  • 3-way Progress Reviews
  • Plan Evidence Assignments
  • Create Course Schedules
  • eSFA Compliant
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Multi-platform Access