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Free RPL Funding Calculator and Apprentice Management System are all rolled up into one easy-to-use and simple-to-implement solution. ARODS is low-cost and will enable you to easily satisfy the 2022 eSFA Funding requirements.  In addition to the FREE RPL module ARODS caters for;

a) Processing learner apprentice applications

b) Recording off-the-job training 

c) Creating course schedules 

d) Organising and completing Progress Reviews 

e) Managing assignments and evidence gathering

You may have heard about ARODS, the powerful and cost-effective Apprenticeship Management System. Well, our marketing team wants to temp training providers to use the ARODS system, and we think we have found a way! We are giving away FREE access to our RPL Funding Calculator. Yes, that’s right. You can use our ‘RPL Funding calculator’ complete free of charge.

The Free RPL calculator module is completely stand-alone, so there are no complicated signup, setups and zero commitment! We will even throw in our ‘RPL in action’ video, demonstrating precisely how the Free RPL Funding calculator works and how to use it. You will be up and running in no time!

We think you will be so pleased with the Free RPL Funding Calculator that you will want to try other ARODS modules. It’s that simple! There are absolutely zero downsides, so click the REQUEST RPL ACCOUNT button today!

Recognition of Prior Learning Scheme Overview

Training Providers must complete an initial assessment before an apprenticeship begins. This is when a Free RPL Funding Calculator will be of great value! They will examine the individual’s prior Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours to determine the apprentice starting position’ or baseline. This determines how much apprenticeship training the individual will need. It verifies that the apprenticeship is a suitable training programme for the individual and that it covers the entire curriculum, not just English and math. A Free RPL Funding Calculator will help you meet this requirement easily!

The evaluation should also determine the remaining content’s eligibility due to the minimal standards for off-the-job training and duration. It may determine that an apprenticeship is not appropriate for a person because their degree of prior learning and experience is too high; in this case, a higher level apprenticeship or another sort of training may be recommended. Use a Free RPL Funding Calculator to make meeting all the above requirements as easy as possible.

Advantages of Recognising Prior Learning?

In addition to adhering to the apprenticeship funding regulations, providers who correctly recognise prior learning can:

  • Provide relevant, personalised information that is more likely to engage apprentices, resulting in higher retention and achievement rates and onward advancement – including into another apprenticeship.
  • Determine the appropriate starting point, which will be recognised by Ofsted inspectors and will contribute to a high-quality programme. This enables providers to demonstrate the program’s increased value to employers and trainees.
  • Provide accelerated apprenticeships that recognise prior learning and enable a proportionate reduction in content and delivery time, which is valued by businesses that obtain a fully competent and productive employee in less time.

Use a Free RPL Funding Calculator to make meeting all the above requirements easy.

NOTE: Free subscribers must display a link to the ARODS website on their website. We think it’s a fair request. Don’t you?

Simple to Setup

Simple to Use

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Free Format Forms Design

Apprenticeship feasibility Indicator

ARODS in Action Help Videos

Free Recognition of Prior Learning Calculator

Reduce Administration Effort & Time

No need to schedule 'drop-in' appointments. Applicants can complete their RPL form remotely whenever suits them. No more complicated spreadsheet creation and distribution issues. Set your RPL discount formula upfront, and rest assured that your team will quickly identify unfeasible propositions. Your onboarding team can track the RPL form from start to finish.

OFSTED & eSFA Compliance

The ARODS system is a rock solid way to prove you have an RPL process. Download reports in an instant to show completed application forms and discounts applied. Check out the eSFA RPL Guidance

Real-Time Visibility

Centre managers can view the RPL process in real-time to identify completed and approved forms in progress. Changes to the formula of an apprenticeship RPL are instantly available to the entire onboarding team.

Save Money

Why pay hefty fees for an RPL Funding Calculator when you can use the ARODS FREE RPL Funding Calculator! How much money will that save your organisation each year? Consider using the other ARODS apprenticeship management modules if you want to save huge costs.

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    Unlimited Learner RPL submissions for 6 months. After that, 100 Free unique learner RPL submissions each subscription year. Upgrade to the SILVER subscription to allow more RPL submissions. Offer & Terms subject to change.
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    Create an unlimited number of RPL Skill scan forms to suit each of the apprenticeships you deliver. Choose from 1500+ templates or create your own form.
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  • 1 x Centre Manager & 1 x Onboarding
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    Tell us how many learner RPL submissions you want to process each year and we will set a fee specifically for you.
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    Create an unlimited number of RPL Skill scan forms to suit each of the apprenticeships you deliver. Choose from 1500+ templates or create your own form.
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