The 2022 RoATP Refresh – How to Prepare

RoATP Refresh Do’s & Don’ts

Another RoATP refresh (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) has been announced by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (eSFA). Training Providers who have already registered will be asked to reapply and demonstrate that they meet a new set of strict requirements.  Application invites to the RoATP refresh will also be sent to training providers completely new to the apprenticeship delivery  process.

If you plan to teach apprenticeships, you must be on RoATP and invited to the RoATP refresh process. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for your invitation to reapply and move fast to ensure that you finish everything by the deadline. You might be unable to continue your training provision if you don’t accomplish it.

RoATP Refresh How To Prepare

Why the RoATP Refresh?

The government’s ongoing effort to raise the apprenticeship training standard includes the RoATP refresh. The eSFA wants to make sure persons on the list can more effectively meet the skill requirements of employers and apprentices.

Strict new standards more closely aligned with Ofsted inspections are introduced. Any training providers unable to show proof of delivery in the last six months risk having their names removed from the list.

Those looking for apprenticeship provision can then confidently contact employers and providers to provide a dependable, high-quality service because they are doing so through the RoATP.

What steps must I take before the RoATP refresh Invitation?

Over the following 12 months, the eSFA will encourage persons currently on the list to re-register. You can anticipate receiving your notification as a training provider six weeks before the first of the month, after which you will have 30 days to complete and submit your response.

Even though you won’t be allowed to apply for the RoATP refresh until you have an invitation, you can still start getting ready. Start looking into the changes that need to be made. How will you store personal information? What processes can be automated? How will you prove that you have processes that are manageable and can quickly identify issues with apprenticeship delivery, learner education and training?

manage apprenticeships

Many questions will require supporting documentation to be provided to verify that the training is being given to a high standard. Planning is important because this process can take a while. The eSFA also focuses on financial health, so be ready to answer any questions about that.

Additionally, the eSFA will want to see that you have the proper systems, processes, and policies in place and supply the necessary information.

Make sure they are prepared to respond when your application is asked by considering who in your organisation is best suited to address the various questions you anticipate receiving.

The government website should be the first place you look to learn about what might be needed, the financial requirements and the Ofsted Inspection Framework.

You might also base part of your responses on any prior applications you’ve submitted.

ARODS Can Help you

ARODS designers have been in the apprenticeship arena for about 15 years, so they understand what it means to manage apprentices. The main strength of the ARODS solution is the ability to manage apprentices by tracking and reporting on their progression in a very simple way with a week-by-week view of their attendance and competence.  We have spent the last 15 years developing the systems to manage apprentices as efficiently as possible.

A manual approach takes unnecessary time and effort and increases the risk of error, leaving employers out of pocket and apprentices without the support they need.

Simplifying administration with a system that is easy to use and understand and where it is clear what the minimum standard for all apprenticeship programmes should be.

Visit ARODS.CO.UK if you’re looking for a low-cost apprentice management software system with simple but useful features.

We’ve created a low-cost, user-friendly apprenticeship delivery system with all the functionality you need without the gimmicks.


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