3-Way Apprenticeship Progress Reviews Explained

Apprenticeship Progress Reviews 


One of the main advantages of using a quality apprenticeship management system is the ability to schedule apprenticeship progress reviews.  Performance reviews are nothing new in professional organizations, so it makes sense to incorporate similar processes during an apprenticeship.

Receiving feedback is a great way to understand your current progress in any learning environment, including work, school, or an apprenticeship.  Apprentices get invaluable insight from their tutor, track their goals and progression, and generally become more engaged in their learning environment.

ARODS integrate a unique 3-way apprenticeship system.  This simple yet effective progress review benefits everyone involved in the apprenticeship, including tutors, mentors, the apprentice, and their employers.

Let’s examine how our apprenticeship delivery software’s 3-way apprenticeship progress reviews can benefit your organization!

Apprenticeship Progress Reviews

Input from All Parties

One of the main advantages of using 3-way apprenticeship progress reviews is that it encourages collaborative apprenticeship delivery.  
As the name suggests, a 3-way apprenticeship progress review involves input from the three main parties involved – the apprentice, the tutor, and the employer.

By including all parties, the general outcome of the training is significantly increased.  The apprentice receives appropriate feedback from their tutor, allowing them to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSB) for their work.

With feedback from the apprentice, the tutor can better develop appropriate teaching materials to help deliver improved KBS.  Including the employer in this process can help them understand their active role in creating an apprenticeship’s KSB. 

Streamline Progress Reviews

Progress reviews often take time and resources, especially when using older or paper-based systems.  
3-way progress reviews take advantage of the latest training provider software systems, meaning a more streamlined process that frees time and resources.

For example, apprenticeship software that includes a 3-way apprenticeship progress review system allows for more consistent collaboration.
Everyone from the tutor to the apprentice to the employer has access to a single resource where the progress reviews are scheduled and completed.

This means less time is wasted trying to arrange a 3-person interview (which is often a struggle given the varied schedules of everyone), fewer miscommunications, and improved engagement across the board.

When apprentices log in frequently to update and review their progress, they aren’t waiting for feedback.  Also, tutors can easily schedule upcoming progress reviews so the apprentice knows when their following evaluation is due.

Ensure Compliance

A 3-way progress review includes input from tutors, apprentices, and employers.  It provides the best platform to ensure ESFA and OFSTED compliance.

For example, tutors and employers can include appropriate questions to determine whether their apprenticeship delivery is compliant.
– Is the apprentice receiving 20% off-the-job- training?  
– Have they met minimum duration rules?  
– Is there physical evidence that they are currently receiving training? 
Questions that can be answered when using a suitable 3-way progress report.  Because this progress review includes tutors, apprentices, and employers, it is easier to determine what apprenticeship areas comply with current ESFA and OFSTED guidelines.

If you want an apprenticeship management system that offers simple, practical solutions through 3-way apprenticeship progress reviews, look no further than ARODS.CO.UK!  We have developed a time-saving, affordable and sophisticated 3-way progress review that is simple to use, ensuring apprenticeships develop all necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours. 

3 Way Apprenticeship Progress Review


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