How To Pick The Best Apprenticeship Delivery Software

Apprenticeship Delivery Software

Paying for Apprenticeship Delivery Software features you don’t use, or need is one of the main reasons apprenticeship training providers leave their existing e-portfolio supplier and choose ARODS.CO.UK.

The sheer volume of software options does make finding the right solution for your needs difficult, especially as we all have different goals and processes for the delivery of an apprenticeship.  Therefore, many end up paying for software solutions packed with features that are either unnecessary or overpriced.

Here at ARODS.CO.UK, we take a different approach to apprenticeship delivery software.  Our goal is “make things simple”.  With our software, you will find a concise number of features that uses ‘best practice’ solutions to ensure the successful implementation of a new apprenticeship delivery software.  Here’s why:

Apprenticeship Delivery Software

A Simple but Effective Apprenticeship Software

We ensure customers are not overpaying for features in an apprenticeship delivery software by keeping things simple yet effective.

Our apprenticeship software is not packed with gimmicky features, with a clutter-free interface.  The Arods system user interface is clear and logically presented.  All components are accessible and managed independently, streamlining the process without overcomplicating anything.  ARODS.CO.UK is extremely easy to learn.  After watching our 10-minute overview video, you could be up and running.  No expensive and time-consuming in-house training visits are required.

One Price Access to All

Another issue many training providers have with some apprenticeship delivery software is the various tiered payment plans.  The more plans and price options available, the easier it is to buy something you don’t need.  Especially when several features are locked behind different payment levels; as a result, you may find yourself drawn into the best-priced package deals, only to find you are paying for lots of features you don’t need.  All Arods users get all features included in their subscription.  We do not overcomplicate the software with an unnecessary matrix of subscription fees.

ARODS.CO.UK offers a simple solution to overpricing – one price access to all.

We charge a single flat rate for our apprenticeship delivery software, with all features included within that cost.  That means no hidden fees or charging extra for features you may not use.  Everything is included in one single affordable plan!   You pay only for each registered apprentice.  With an unlimited and free manager, tutor and mentor access

Industry Standard ‘Best Practice’ Features

To ensure our customers never overpay for our apprenticeship software, we’ve taken a less is more approach to our features.  We only use ‘best practice’ eSFA compliant processes for apprenticeship delivery.  Ensuring our customers get only the essential components of eSFA compliance and none of the added fluff.

ARODS includes the following key features:

Record Progress Reviews: Schedule one or ongoing reviews with 3-way user input.  This allows regular feedback and input from employers, tutors, and students, ensuring all goals are on time and on target.

Off-the-Job Training: Improve the quality and variety of training by providing off-the-job training!

Assignments: Create assignments to record evidence of the student’s progress throughout their training.  Keep tabs on their progress to ensure training goals and necessary compliance is met.

Course Schedules: Develop a robust course schedule in minutes, allocating appropriate team members and managing attendance through a built-in attendance register.

Manager Control: Team management is essential.  The ARODS.CO.UK Centre Manager profile allows for better collaboration by providing a single tool to manage the entire team’s progress, including apprentices, tutors, and mentors.  Managers can also create user access based on their job descriptions.  Ensuring users only have access to information they need when they need it.  Your Data Protection Officer will be impressed!

Centre Monitor: Our revolutionary dashboard will monitor your entire apprenticeship delivery in real-time.  Identify problem areas in seconds.  Drill down to find the root cause and the person responsible.

Increase your apprenticeship delivery efficiency and bottom line at the same time.  Visit ARODS.CO.UK today.  We offer a cost-effective apprenticeship delivery software with all the features you need for successful apprenticeship delivery.

Apprenticeship Delivery Software


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