Is Your Apprenticeship e-Portfolio System Stifling Your Business?  

ARODS Apprenticeship e-Portfolio System Has The Solutions You Need

As the modern workplace becomes digitised, we almost completely eliminate paper-based systems.  It is easy to see why digital software solutions offer many benefits over their paper counterparts, from improved data security to more streamlined apprenticeship e-Portfolio System processes that increase productivity.

This means almost digitising any process with suitable software, including the humble portfolio.  Electronic portfolios or e-portfolios are an efficient alternative to paper portfolios, especially in apprenticeship delivery, and your business may already have integrated such a system.

Good apprenticeship e-portfolio systems typically include a multi-user interface allowing for quick and easy collaboration between apprentices, tutors, and employers.  An apprenticeship e-portfolio system can add in things like remote access for better Off-The-Job Training, and your apprenticeship delivery is immediately improved. 

However, not all apprenticeship e-portfolio systems are made equal.  Some are packed with useless features, complex interfaces, and less efficient systems that could be stifling your business.  Thankfully, a new apprenticeship e-portfolio system on the market could offer the perfect solution to your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the ARODS.CO.UK apprenticeship e-portfolio system and see if it has the solutions your business needs for effective apprenticeship delivery!

Apprenticeship e-Portfolio System

Manage and Record Off-the-Job Training

If your apprenticeship e-portfolio system doesn’t let you log and record all off-the-job training, then it’s behind the curve.  Apprenticeships require a minimum of 20% Off-The-Job-Training to ensure ESFA compliance, so by using suitable software, you can log all this essential data as evidence.

In fact, with a good apprenticeship e-portfolio system, the employer doesn’t need to log this themselves.  Instead, use a system that allows the apprentice to log their own hours, ensuring easy collaboration that saves time and resources while providing an accurate breakdown of each apprentice’s Off-The-Job-Training.

Better still, use a system that lets you identify clear Off-The-Job-Training targets.  If an apprentice isn’t meeting their targets, you receive a warning and can take appropriate action, ensuring you are fully compliant and the apprentice gets the suitable training they need.

….ARODS has an Off-the-job-training module.

3-Way Progress Reviews for Comprehensive Collaboration

Any apprenticeship software worth its weight should provide multiple user access for progress reviews.  Progress reviews are vital for any apprenticeship, helping to establish training goals and giving resources to monitor their progress.

If your e-Portfolio system doesn’t let apprentices, tutors, and employees collaborate on their progress reviews, you are doing your business a disservice.  This is because progress reviews are one of the most effective ways to measure training progress.  When all parties receive feedback, the apprenticeship delivery immediately improves.

With a 3-way feedback system, the apprentice, tutor, and employer receive feedback.  The apprentice benefits from having regular feedback from both their tutor and employer, allowing them to establish what knowledge, skills, and behaviours they need to develop for the job.

Tutors also gain insight from apprentice feedback, understanding what training methods are working best.  For employers, feedback ensures they know what role they can play in providing practical resources for both tutors and apprentices.

This collaborative effort ensures everyone works towards a common goal of effective apprenticeship delivery.  

…ARODS has a 3-way Progress Review module.

Create Dynamic Course Assignments for Evidence of Apprentice Progress

The goal of an e-Portfolio is to showcase an apprentice’s development of necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors (KSB) for their future career.

One simple yet effective way is to provide course assignments that show they have learned appropriate KSB from their employment and training.

Moreover, course assignments contribute to their learning, ensuring they develop the necessary skills to contribute to their organization.

So, with the right e-Portfolio software, you can record evidence of an apprentice’s development, ensuring they are well trained for the job while showing your own compliance during their training.

…ARODS has an Assignments module

ARODS is a no-nonsense ‘best practice’ solution for any apprenticeship provider.  It’s easy to learn and considerably lower cost than competitors.  If you want to avoid stifling your business with subpar e-Portfolio software, consider switching to ARODS.CO.UK today.  We provide a full suite of tools to develop apprentice e-Portfolios that benefit all parties.

Apprenticeship e-Portfolio


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