10 reasons to try ARODS Apprenticeship ePortfolio System.

Apprenticeship ePortfolio Service

An Apprenticeship ePortfolio is also known as an Apprenticeship ePortfolio Service.  Unlike our competitors, ARODS is explicitly designed to reduce the effort of dealing with the critical processes required for a successful apprenticeship.

1.  Recognition of Prior Learning

Arods Apprenticeship ePortfolio has a unique free RPL Calculator module built-in for capturing, analysing, and costing this mandatory process.  ARODS also offers the RPL funding Calculator module and a standard alone service.  Yes, it’s a FREE service!  How much will that save you a year?

2.  Off-the-job Training Calculator

Record keeping of the off-the-job activities and monitor progress against the expected OTJ hours to date.  Your Learners record OTJ activities, and you can view progress anytime and anywhere.  All you need is an internet connection.

3.  Progress Reviews

Tri-part progress reports.  Tutors, employers, and providers can quickly see how the learner has improved throughout the apprenticeship process.

OneFile and SmartAssessor competitor ARODS.CO.UK is a revolutionary apprenticeship management system that will automate your entire delivery process

Apprenticeship e-Portfolio System

4.  Applications

Candidates can apply for jobs directly from your website by completing an application form that ensures they qualify for an apprenticeship—saving administration time and money.

5.  Integration

Store your evidence on whatever system is best for your business.  Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are all supported.

6.  Delivery Management

Use any delivery task management system you like.  ClickUp, Monday, Asana, and Wrike are all supported. 

7.  Collaborative learning

Tutors, employers, and learners can review work, record feedback, and interact with each other.

8.  Integration

Store evidence on any of the low-cost (some free) systems available.  Such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

9.  Easy Access

Access is easy; the design is user-friendly and suitable for learners, tutors, and employers with basic IT skills.

10.  Secure

Secure online access.  Access via most web enables devices such as tablets, PCs, and laptops. 

If you require a cost-effective apprenticeship management system with simple but practical features, visit ARODS.CO.UK. We have developed a low cost and intuitive apprenticeship delivery system with the features you need, without all the clutter and gimmicks.

Apprenticeship ePortfolio


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