The Benefits of Apprenticeship Off-the-Job Training Are Enormous! 

Apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training

Apprenticeship Off-the-job training is still important – even with changes to the apprenticeship frameworks. So, what are the benefits of off-the-job training?

We take a look at how it can help you provide a better learning experience for your apprentices, and why it still has its place.

Off-the-job training has been around for some time. It’s defined as any training that occurs away from the technical training environment. These sessions are usually led by a trainer who has the significant industry experience and provides the apprentice with knowledge and skills that can’t be delivered during working hours.

Apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training Training is a vital aspect of any apprenticeship.  It improves various aspects of their training, but it is also required by regulation!  Government guidelines require a minimum of 20% of an apprenticeship’s working hours to be spent with off-the-job training, so all of the apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training must be recorded to ensure compliance with the ESFA.

However, not all e-portfolios provide appropriate tools for recording and monitoring apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training, while those that do often charge extra for such a feature.  Thankfully, finding apprenticeship software with good Off-The-Job Training management features that is ESFA complaint isn’t too hard – providing you know where to look!

Benefits Apprenticeship Off-the-Job Training

ARODS.CO.UK offers comprehensive off-the-job training management that helps you meet all current ESFA compliance with your apprenticeship training.  Moreover, this software solution is available for a reasonable price!

So, let’s check out some of the main advantages you gain as a training provider using our low-cost, ESFA-compliant apprenticeship software to manage apprentices’ off-the-job training.

Faster and More Efficient Skill Development

You generally increase an apprentice’s overall skill development by giving an apprentice the chance to train away from the workplace.  They can dedicate time to developing the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours required for the job you offer them.

Expect a well-trained employee that has used Off-The-Job Training to develop skills and knowledge tailor-made for your workplace.  Moreover, they can use the training they learned off the job to assist new apprenticeships over the years, giving a great return on investment that is often overlooked by employers.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

By providing diverse apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training opportunities, you will likely see higher workplace satisfaction from apprentices.  They get to experience different learning environments and will appreciate the opportunity to learn their trade through unique experiences.

Whether it’s giving them online classes from home, the chance to study at university or college, or unique training opportunities at your workplace, providing apprentices with varied Off-The-Job Training is guaranteed to leave you with happier employees in the future.


Apprenticeship Off-The-Job Training Provider Software

Training that Works for Your Business

There is a common misconception that Off-The-Job Training is inconvenient for employers.  The truth is quite the opposite.  Training off the job provides many long and short-term advantages.

For example, off-the-job training covers a broad spectrum, meaning you can tailor-make the training to suit your requirements.  This could include being mentored by current employees, online classrooms, and various course assignments – whatever works best for your own training requirements.

Ensuring eSFA compliance with off-the-job training is easier than you might think.  Simply use an appropriate apprenticeship software solution with off-the-job training features (such as ARODS.CO.UK!) that allow apprentices to record their own Off-The-Job Training hours.

You can even use systems that come with early warnings, alerting you if anyone is not meeting the current requirements for ESFA compliance.

If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective off-the-job training management system that is ESFA compliant, visit ARODS.CO.UK.  ARODS offer a range of solutions to cover all aspects of your apprenticeship delivery process.  One extremely popular modeul is our ‘FREE’ RPL funding calculator

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