Choosing The right Apprenticeship Training Provider Software System

Apprenticeship Training Provider Software System

Choosing the right apprenticeship training provider software system allows you to easily create and monitor assignments for more efficient apprenticeship delivery. Apprentices require frequent assignments to monitor their training progress, ensure they are developing the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours and capture evidence.

So, by using a suitable apprenticeship training provider software system, you can improve one of the most critical aspects of an apprenticeship.

ARODS is a comprehensive apprenticeship training provider software system allowing training providers to develop suitable assignments for apprentices. Let’s take a closer look at how to best use our apprenticeship management system to quickly create and monitor assignments

Apprenticeship Training Provider Software System

Understand the Purpose of the Assignment

There is always a clear purpose for any assignment – to provide evidence that the student has developed appropriate knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

So, we always recommend using digital apprenticeship training provider software system solutions to develop dynamic assignments that capture clear evidence of a student’s progress.

For example, you could quickly create an assignment as part of off-the-job training. 20% of an apprentice’s training should occur off-the-job, and an online class assignment is a great way to meet these targets.

Using a suitable apprenticeship management software system, such as ARODS, tutors can create tailor-made assignments that accommodate your training requirements throughout the apprenticeship.

These can be easily assigned to students, and when completed, will provide solid evidence of their training progress and suitability for final assessment.

Always Record Feedback

Nothing is more demotivating than completing an assignment and not getting any feedback!  Always ensure that any assignment completed, be it on-the-job or off-the-job, receives suitable levels of feedback from both tutor and student.

By recording tutor feedback, the student understands what aspects of the assignment they performed well in and if any areas can be improved.  It also helps give them a clearer understanding of the steps they are taking to develop necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours throughout their apprenticeship.

For the tutor, feedback from their students indicates what aspects of the training work best and what areas could be improved.

All feedback provides a platform for improvement, so always include this as part of any assignment created on apprenticeship management software.  A centre may fail an OFSTEDinspection if feedback is not part of a centre’s regular processes

Monitor Assignments Over Time

The great thing about apprenticeship management software with assignment capabilities is that it records each assignment.  This makes reviewing different assignments for students over a longer period much easier, especially when compared to manual systems like filed papers.

By having all student assignment data in a single software suite, managing their assignment progress over time has never been more efficient.  This allows you to get the best idea of current apprenticeship training progress and areas that need improvement before reaching the End Point Assessment.

Moreover, monitoring assignments over time ensures you are ready for an OFSTED audit.  This requires evidence of assignments, feedback, and other data to ensure compliance.  Therefore it’s recommended that you capture evidence of all assignments completed throughout each apprenticeship

Increase your apprenticeship delivery efficiency and bottom line at the same time. Consider switching to ARODS.CO.UK today. We offer a cost-effective apprenticeship management system with all the features you need for successful apprenticeship delivery.

Apprenticeship Training Provider Software System


To summaries


1. Apprenticeship training provider software system is designed to help apprenticeship training providers manage their businesses.

2. The apprenticeship training provider software system provides a range of features that can help with things like tracking apprentice progress, managing finances, and marketing apprenticeship programs.

3. While apprenticeship training provider software system can be helpful for apprenticeship training providers, it is important to choose software that is right for their specific needs.

4. There are a number of different apprenticeship training provider software system programs available, so it is important to do some research to find the one that best meets the needs of the business.

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