Apprenticeship Software – The Amazing Benefits of Using SaaS

Apprenticeship Software On Tap!

Apprenticeship software for large training providers is a must for the organisation. A reliable and modern apprenticeship software system can help you manage your apprenticeship programme more effectively.

The benefits of using apprenticeship software are pretty numerous. Some of them are:

  • Manage multiple programmes simultaneously – there is no need to have different versions.
  • Apprenticeship software can be used in different sectors – it is not limited to one industry only. The solution offered by the company under review, arods, is suitable for any training provider.
  • Apprenticeship software can also be used by small providers – there are also versions adapted to small businesses or even individuals. In fact, using such a solution will help you improve productivity.
  • Useful statistics – there are numerous statistics that you can use for managing your business better and assessing the progress of your apprentices.
  • A modern look and feel – most apprenticeship software solutions offer an online platform with high-quality graphics, making work much easier and more comfortable.

At ARODS, we believe that an efficient apprenticeship programme is one of the primary keys to success for any training provider. Having a reliable, user-friendly and secure solution can help you achieve it.

Apprenticeship Software

SaaS Apprenticeship Software Costs

Apprenticeship software cost varies since there are many different options available. arods can be downloaded on any computer or mobile device. Using a cloud-based alternative is more affordable than purchasing Software that must be installed on a computer.

The exact cost of apprenticeship software is difficult to gauge as most suppliers are extremely cagey when it comes to cost. Almost all offer solutions on a monthly subscription bases starting at £4.50 per apprentice per month. Many will set a minimum of 100 apprentices for sign-up.  Every supplier (except 1) we surveyed has a complex matrix of offers that bump costs to excessive levels. For example, Recognition of Prior Learning is a module that usually requires an upgrade and costs more money.

FYI, ARODS offer free access to their Recognition of Prior Learning module. Go to Free RPL Access for more details.

Saas Apprenticeship Software Application – Is it a good idea?

The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) to aid the running of apprenticeships is currently the fastest-growing sector of the apprenticeship market. There are numerous providers of these systems, but how good is it for your organisation to invest in one? This article explores that very question.

manage apprenticeships

It is a common misconception that the term, Software as a Service or SaaS refers to the application being run on the cloud. In fact, SaaS is a delivery model in which the apprenticeship software is accessed and used over a network through a web browser or an app. The advent of smartphones and tablets has further taken this mobile delivery model to the next level. This means you can now access the entire Apprenticeship Software directly from your handheld device, wherever you are.

SaaS has a number of advantages over the traditional software model. One of the most significant is that it eliminates the need for costly upfront investment in hardware and Apprenticeship Software. With SaaS, you can pay-as-you-go, meaning that your costs are based on usage rather than a lump sum investment.

Another key advantage of SaaS is flexibility. Because it is delivered over the web, you can access your applications anywhere, anytime. This means you can work from home, on the road, or even from a different country if necessary. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Finally, SaaS also offers increased security and reliability. When your data is stored in the cloud, it is less vulnerable to data loss due to hardware malfunctions or natural disasters. And because SaaS providers invest heavily in security measures, your data is often more secure in their hands than it would be if it were stored locally on your own servers.

” This is an exciting time for arods. We are expanding our team substantially and are rapidly evolving from a highly scalable apprenticeship management solutions provider to an Enterprise SAAS provider.

In light of this, we thought it apt to take a step back and assess the pros and cons of making technology solutions available as SaaS applications to customers.

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