SomeTraining Providers Manage Apprentices Easily

How Do You Manage Apprentices?

Yes, quite a few solutions are available that enable training providers to manage apprentice. The National Apprenticeship Service and NPTC Online both have good solutions.

There is one system you can use to manage apprentices that is gaining ground in terms of popularity. ARODS ( primarily focuses on training providers and not quite as much on the company’s employing apprentices. However, it can provide Value Chain Analysis information that could be of interest to the employing companies.

The main strength of the ARODS solution is the ability to manage apprentices by tracking and reporting on their progression in a very simple way with a week-by-week view of their attendance and competence. ARODS designers have been in the apprenticeship arena for about 15 years, so they understand what it means to manage apprentices. We have spent the last 15 years developing the systems to manage apprentices as efficiently as possible.

Manage Apprenticeships

Available Solutions

There are two main types of solutions available to manage apprentices – one is an on-premise system that some training provider uses, and the other is an off-the-shelf software as a service (SaaS) which they host in the Cloud.

In either case, the provider will probably agree that there are a number of benefits:

  • Simplifying administration with a system that is easy to use and understand and where it is clear what the minimum standard for all apprenticeship programmes should be.
  • Full life-cycle management of apprentices’ workplace learning – having information about apprentices at all times so that you can manage their training and progress without delay
  • Recording evidence of apprenticeship programmes and performance – including the assessment of competence against the standards at each level, which is a legal requirement under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009.
  • Full visibility of all learners and their data – identifying where learners are on programmes, who they are working with, and updating information in real-time.

An apprenticeship is a chance to invest in the future of your business by giving young people the opportunity to train and develop new skills.

manage apprenticeships

Manual Solution Issues

The human resources director of a large company with offices across the country was recently quoted as saying: ‘Trying to manage apprentice manually is exhausting, but we had no choice. We were spending hours on administrative paperwork such as marking reports, chasing training centres for information and dealing with the bank about payments.’ This is a common problem for training providers.

A manual approach takes unnecessary time and effort and increases the risk of error, leaving employers out of pocket and apprentices without the support they need.

“You’re probably paying your administrator a fair amount of money, and you’re still struggling to get decent data and still need someone to help out at peak times.” – says Kate Grant, Managing Director of ARODS.

Latest solution to manage apprentices

ARODS system to manage apprentices is explicitly designed to solve these problems. Our latest offering is a powerful, intelligent, affordable way to manage apprentices. The system works online, so you can access your data where you need it and pay only for what you use.

The system eliminates the investment in additional staff and allows you to automate tasks using an easy-to-use app on any device. “It’s much easier for us to handle enquiries and track data 24/7, so there’s no margin for error or for anyone to lose track in what they are doing,” says Kate.

Visit ARODS.CO.UK if you’re looking for a low-cost apprentice management software system with simple but useful features.

We’ve created a low-cost, user-friendly apprenticeship delivery system that has all of the functionality you need without the gimmicks.

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