Learning Management System Software

What is learning management system software?

The ARODS AI-powered learning management system software allows training providers to easily build, manage and monitor their apprenticeship delivery.

Training providers have the opportunity to use the ARODS AI-powered learning management system software to provide a flexible apprenticeship service. Rather than purchasing and installing a bespoke learning management system software each time, training providers can use the ARODS solution and concentrate on their primary objective;  Delivering quality training!

The ARODS learning management system software also gives training providers full control over their data and ensures that they can operate in line with eSFA and Ofsted guidelines.

The system is developed primarily as an Apprenticeship learning management system software, helping training organizations to streamline their general skills learning delivery.

External partners such as employers and line managers can also be given access to view information pertinent to them. For example, an employer login could show details of the apprentice’s progress against Milestones and Key Performance Indicators set out in the Learning Agreement.

The Best Learning Management System Software

This same information is also available to the apprentices’ line manager. The ability of these external parties to monitor progress is a critical factor in delivering timely completions.

The ARODS AI-powered Apprenticeship learning management system software gives training providers full control over learning management system software costs, meaning they can operate within existing budgets. The system also provides an opportunity to use branding to showcase service provision across a single integrated website.

The ARODS apprenticeship management system is an important tool for training providers who wish to offer apprenticeships. It gives them full control over branding and hosting costs while also providing an opportunity to showcase their service provision across a single integrated website.

The training industry is changing and becoming more competitive, so the benefits of using ARODS are clear. Before deciding about your learning management system software, or renewing with your current provider, look at what ARODS can offer. You will not be disappointed!

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Time-saving: ARODS saves you time carrying out day-to-day tasks like creating and updating job adverts, assessing applicants and creating reports.

Easy to use: The ARODS system is easy to use and very quick to implement. A comprehensive list of help videos is also available. Your staff will be familiar with ARODS and its features in a few hours.

Choice: Get expert help from our team of consultants.

Training Centre focused: ARODS was developed by assessors, tutors, and centre managers using eSFA, and Ofsted devised best practice solutions. We understand the learning providers’ needs and will save you time and money.

Personalized service: We’re here for you if you need help or advice.

So what does the ARODS system offer?

Off-the-Job Training

Along with being a mandated eSFA funding demand, research studies reveal that 20% Off-The-Job-Training boosts the overall quality of the instruction delivery, which is why the software program with these crucial.

Off-the-Job-Training, as an example, gives the apprentice access to a wider variety of training resources, such as even more mentors, tutors, and sector experts. They also take advantage of Off-the-Job-Training’s even more diverse learning procedures, such as workplace discovery, one-on-one training, internet talks, etc.

Moreover, instructors and assessors often find managing instructions much easier with useful Off-The-Job-Training elements.

Tutors, for example, can use these capacities to track off-the-job training at each degree, such as receiving alerts when Off-The-Job-Training targets are not fulfilled, enabling them to take proper action. This makes the management process a lot easier.

ARODS is the perfect solution if you’re trying to find an inexpensive apprentice management software system with simple and useful attributes.

Keep track of your periodic progress reviews.

The ARODS 3-Way review system enables apprentices, employers and coaches to monitor, comment and plan the apprenticeship progress.

The apprentice obtains a higher understanding of their progression, with clear feedback suggesting which parts are working well and which sections may require improvement.


Assignments are another essential process in apprenticeship training. Providing KSB evidence is crucial. ARODS enables tutors to create course schedules and distribute them in minutes. Templates make creating schedules for recurring courses even easier.

Visit ARODS.CO.UK if you’re looking for a low-cost AI-powered apprentice management software system with simple but useful features.

We’ve created a low-cost, user-friendly AI-powered apprenticeship delivery system with all the functionality you need without the gimmicks.

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