Arods Top 10 Features Below are listed the top 10 reasons why you have to take Arods for a test drive.

Easy Access

Access is easy, the design is user-friendly and suitable for learners, tutors, and employers with basic IT skills.

Off-the-job Training Calculator

Record keeping of the off-the-job activities and monitor progress against the expects OTJ hours to date!

Progress Reviews

Provides tripart progress reports. Tutors, employers, and providers can easily see how the learner has improves through the apprenticeship process.

Low Cost

Simple fixed price per learner.


Store your evidence on whatever system is best for your business. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive are all supported.

Delivery Management

Use any delivery task management system you like. ClickUp, Monday, Asana, Wrike all supported. Arods Top 10 Features

Collaborative learning

Tutors, employers, and learners can review work, record feedback, and interact with each other.

Evidence Storage

Store evidence on any of the low-cost (some free) systems available. Such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Evidence Gathering Assignment

Designed for Tutors to easily create evidence-gathering assignments to send to their learners and monitor progress.


Secure online access. Access via most web enables devices such as tablets, PCs, and laptops. Arods Top 10 Features.


  • Progress reviews
  • Off the job training
  • Course assignments
  • Online class assignments
  • Course schedule maker
  • class schedule maker
  • The online class schedule maker
  • Course schedule creator
  • Online class timetable maker
  • Course schedule generator

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